"REVIEW : The POSTFLUXPOSTBOOKLETS of Luc Fierens by Reed Altemus (USA) ( for Farrago magazine #1 -26/05/2001


There are also several collective numbers which highlight and document trends in the mail artnetwork: Tourism & Congressing (#19),Artstrike (#21), and the cultural embargo of Yugoslavia (#29).

Mail artists tend to be a socially conscious bunch, so another theme is socially engaged art, something which Luc has been promoting through his mail art activities for some time: sexual politics(#s 9& 16), anti-racism (#s 12, 33, 37), anti-consumerism (#30), pacifism/anti-war (#s 22,29,33), poverty and class oppression (#12 &32); originality and intellectual property (#38), and media coercion (#39). 

Other issues demonstrate Lucs continued interest in performance art-fluxperformances and fluxgames (#4) and "human performance" a proposal (#34). In addition there are some issues which are just very nice visual poetry collaborations- the number with David Cole stands out for me.

This ongoing project was started by Luc in 1987, so its going on 13 years! 

The first numbers were solo outings, but in 1989 it developed into a collaborative project in the format of 15x10.5cm booklets done by cut-and paste collage and photocopy.

After #6, participants range from mail art luminaries like Chuck Welch, John Held Jr., Rea Nikonova & Serge Segay, Jurgen Olbrich, and Fagagaga, to Fluxus artists and their fluxfriends: Ken Friedman, Don Boyd, Robin Crozier.

Currently, the POSTFLUXPOSTBOOKLETS are one of the most interesting collaborative projects in the network....

It also collected by a number of museums and archives including my International Copy Art Archive (since 1992).

It is especially notable for its longevity and form: cut-and-paste collage photocopy in unlimited open editions making it one of the best street-level democratic mail art projects i know of. "

The complete séries of Postfluxpostbooklets has been accepted by the following archives: Centre de la Gravure (La Louvière) (B) MoMa-Library-New York, ATCAarchive Univ. of Iowa City, Rare Bookscollection - Univ.at Buffalo and the R. & M. Sackner Collection (U.S.A.), MaRTlibreria Trento e Rovereto (I)  , Musée Royal de Mariemont (B) and many others incl. various private collections. 

If you are interested in supporting the POSTFLUXPOSTSERIES:

till now 96 issues ( cooperations with K.Friedman,Reed Altemus, D.B.Chirot (U.S.A.) P.Spence (AUS), T.Tillier, Benoit Piret(B), R.Nikonova,S.Segay (Russia),Angelo Ricciardi, Vittore Baroni, Linda Pelati (I) and many others.

Please feel free to contact me for more special information :

Luc Fierens

The Postfluxpostbooklets  were also mentioned in "Eternal Network: A Mail Art Anthology ,edited by Chuck Welch (Calgary,University of Calgary Press,1995)

The Postfluxpostbooklets and the  small-pressactivity (Postfluxpost etc) were shown in a small "retrospective" in Centre de la Gravure , La Louvière (Belgium- May 2010)

Interested archives/individuals  can still purchase complete series of booklets. A postbox with the whole series : 150 USdollars  by Int.Postal.Money.Order ! In Europe : 150 Euro  


Nr. 1 - 1987-icecream changes the world of heart -Mr.Luce (B)

Nr. 2 - 1987-the world of MY HEart                             -Mr.Luce (B)

Nr. 3 - 1988-SUPERSTRIPER                                         -Mr.Luce (B)

Nr. 4 - 1988-TALKING TO THE MEDIA                             -Mr.Luce (B)

            1988-Studien fur eine Geschichte einer Hysterie-Sehnsucht-Luc Fierens(B)

Nr. 5 - 1989-augenblick                                                     -Mr.Luce (B)

Nr. 6 - 1989-armadillo                                                     -Mr.Luce (B)

Nr. 7 - 1989-dada passt ùber all  -W.Gore & Mr.Luce (U.S.A.) (B)

Nr. 8 - 1990-DO NOT SPEAK       -Pete Spence & Mr.Luce (AUS) (B)

Nr. 9 - 1990-mermaids singing                                         -Mr.Luce (B)

Nr.10- 1990-a HAT NUMBER       -Serge Segay & Mr.Luce (Russia) (B)

Nr.11- 1990-LA LIBRE BELGIQUE-K.D’Haeseleer & Mr.Luce (B)

Nr.12 -1990-BEATS & PIECES  -FaGaGaGa & Mr.Luce (U.S.A.) (B)

Nr.13- 1990-MYTH -Tania & Mr.Luce (B)

Nr.14- 1990-After FLUXUS -Ken Friedman (U.S.A.)

Nr.15- 1990-After Zaum-Serge Segay,Robin Crozier & Mr.Luce (U.SA.)(G.B.)(B)

Nr.16- 1990-Go with the flow-Princess Debbie & Mr.Luce (USA) (B)

Nr.17- 1991-PIG & NETWORK-Baudhuin Simon & Mr.Luce (B)

Nr.18- 1991- Zaumoney  -Serge Segay & Mr.Luce  (Russia) (B)

Nr.19- 1991-Belgian Pre-congressmeeting-Various Mail-artists  incl.Mr.Luce (B)

Nr.20- 1991-JUNG -Michael Northam & Mr.Luce (USA)(B)

Nr.21- 1991-Artstrike 1990-1993-Various Mail-artists & Mr.Luce

Nr.22- 1991-CONGRESS VUKOVAR-Svjetlana Mimica & Mr.Luce(Croatia)(B)

Nr.23 -1991-1992-FLUXPOEM-Don Boyd (U.S.A.)

Nr.24- 1992-the language of influence-Rea Nikonova & Mr.Luce  (Russia) (B)

Nr.25- 1992-Boxes-Serge Segay & Mr.Luce  (Russia) (B)

Nr.26- 1992-rubberdream-Mailstream & Mr.Luce (USA)(B)

Nr.27- 1992-fight in spirit together-Various Mail-artists & Mr.Luce

Nr.28- 1993-worldmix-Various Mail-artists  & Mr.Luce

Nr.29- 1993-for communication without questionmark”-Various Mail-artists 

                       & Mr.Luce

Nr.30- 1993-the smell of decay - Guy Bleus & Mr.Luce (B)

Nr.31- 1993-Journée du Timbre - David Cole (U.S.A.) & Mr.Luce (B)

Nr.32- 1994- Electro-city-Sf.Gheorghe - Various performance-artists & Mr.Luce (B)

Nr.33- 1994- hate/love -Crackerjackkid (U.S.A.)& Mr.Luce(B)

Nr.34- 1994- human performance-Luce Fierens (B)

Nr.35- 1995- schw(e)ing -Jurgen Olbrich(Germany)-Luce Fierens (B)

Nr.36- 1995- le créateur ignore la marine-J.N.Laszlo(France)-Luce Fierens(B)

Nr.37- 1995- Postnightly -José VDBroucke(B)-Luce Fierens(B)

Nr.38- 1996- Sometimes -John Held Jr.(U.S.A.) - Luce Fierens (B)

Nr.39- 1996- Sztukasurf - Geert De Decker (B) - Luce Fierens (B)

Nr.40- 1996- tigerpost - Annina Van Sebroeck (B)

Nr.41- 1997- no name sushi - Tavenner - Held (U.S.A.) -Annina -Fierens (B)

Nr.42- 1997- Folk Noism In(ter)vention -Dmitry Bulatov (Russia) -Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.43- 1998- papier glacé -Jacques Charlier -Luc Fierens(B)

Nr.44 -2000- Ohio in september - Annina Van Sebroeck - Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.45 -2001- No more boundaries for Art  - Reed Altemus (USA)  - Luc Fierens(B)

Nr.46 -2001- Moodswings -Xtof Bruneel, Annina & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.47 -2001- song...              Michael Basinski (USA) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.48 -2002-counting numbers - Steve Random (USA) & Luc Fierens(B)

Nr.49 -2002-The state of art -Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.50 -2002-chacun -John M.Bennett (USA)& Luc Fierens (B)  

Nr.51 -2002-e-shapes- Mark Sonnenfeld (USA) & Luc Fierens(B)

Nr.52 -2002 -gift economy -Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.53 -2002-shelter - Keiichi Nakamura (Jap) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.54 -2002-question reallity - Clemente Padin (Urug.) & Luc Fierens(B)

Nr.55- 2003- real real - Johan Van Geluwe & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.56- 2003- Lettera - Ruggero Maggi (It) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.57- 2003- Facial  - Guido Bondioli (Guatemala) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.58- 2003-  Ambush  - John Crouse (USA) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.59- 2003 - post contemporary- Andrew Topel (USA) & Luc Fierens B)

Nr.60- 2003 - chinese boxes – Angelo Riccicardi (I) & Luc Fierens B)

Nr.61- 2003 – check one – Marc Snyder (USA) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.62- 2004 -  violent orchestra  -Jim Leftwich (USA) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.63- 2004 -  “ la mélancholie de l’Ange  -Thierry Tillier (B) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.64- 2005 -  “Game over” – Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.65- 2005 – “ Arbeitswelten Stahl” – BrandStifter (D) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.66- 2005 – “ Feld Study “ – Bernd Reichert (B) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.67- 2005 -  “ Beauty” – John Cese (USA) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.68- 2005 – “ Le Rêve“ – Vincent Courtois (F) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.69- 2005 -  “ Close-medium shot ” – Jessy Kendall  (USA) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.70- 2005 -  “ True Roses “ – Linda Pelati (I) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.71- 2006 -   Arbor” – Rémy Pénard (FR) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.72 -2006-  A la Gantoise – Antic Ham(S.Korea), Fr.Van Maele (IRE) & Luc Fierens

Nr.73 -2006-  “Paese in collina “– Anna Boschi (I) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.74 -2006-  “Continua “ – Vittore Baroni  (I) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.75 -2007- “Actress Hysteria” – Mete Sarabi (Usa) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.76–2007-“ Breezeway “ – Anna Christina (Usa/B) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.77- 2007-“ Open thought” – Nico Vassilakis (Usa) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.78- 2007-“ MIT” – Mick Boyle (Usa) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.79- 2008-“ cancellature “ –  Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.80- 2008- “A Univers – Baron (usa) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.81- 2009- “BANG – Alan Bowman  (I) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.82- 2009- “REcycling art – Lancillotto Bellini  (I) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.83- 2009- “drink – Ghislain Olivier (B) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.84- 2009- “Repair” Keith A.Buchholz (Usa)& Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.85- 2009- “Enfance terrible – Carla Bertola(I) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr.86- 2009- “JE SUIS SEHAT” – Fernanda Fedi (I)

Nr.87- 2009- “ ALFABETO per CASO  – Gino Gini (I)

Nr 88- 2009- “FFFF” Derek Beaulieu (Canada) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr 89- 2009- “No Nice Guys” Malok (Usa) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr 90- 2009- “ASSASSINCERE- Andrew Topel(usa) & Luc Fierens (B)

Nr 91- 2009- “ Itinéraire d’un voyageur”-Collectif Copie Non Conforme (B-Fr)

Nr 92- 2009- “ Lingua Franca” – Renaat Ramon (B)

Nr 93- 2010- “ Precious” - Emelyne Duval (B)

Nr 94- 2010- “How to quote visual poetry” - Helen White (GB-B)

Nr 95- 2010- “Nerve embroidery flowers” - Steve Dalachinsky (USA)

Nr 96- 2010- “Harsh Lyricism” Dave Baptiste Chirot (USA)

À suivre

Nr 97 2010 -  Sara Giordani (i)

Nr 98  2010   ?

Nr 99 2010  - Emanuele Benedetti (I)

Nr 100 –2010 Veronica Bellei (I)

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Luc Fierens